Featured Customer

Tim L.

Rifle Falls State Park

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for having the opportunity to meet Josh and Clint, the installation techs that are working at my home near Rifle Falls State Park.

From the moment these two men stepped out of their service truck, they were both polite, friendly, professional and very helpful. Josh immediately asked if we had any questions prior to them beginning their work. He then proceeded to walk me through a quick but thorough description of what they would be doing, how it would be done, and gave us estimated times for the completion of the project. Each day they show up for work, they are happy and eager to make sure that they address any new items or questions that may have arisen from the previous days work.

Happy Customers

The people at Quality Solar exceeded all our expectations! We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of this process; from the very first time we met owner, to the day the inverter was turned from off to on, this has been a wonderful experience. Quality Solar handled all the paperwork involved in the rebate process and kept us informed along the way. Each and every member of the team was courteous and professional and did a top notch job. We are more than happy to recommend Quality Solar to anyone interested in investing in solar power.

Clifton, CO

Company was very professional.

I am an engineer and I knew what everything was and where everything needed to go and Quality Solar was very professional and easy to work with. The installers were very receptive to my feedback and we avoided excess drilling in my roof by working together.

We were up and running from time of evaluation to finish product very quickly. The net savings I am seeing on my utility bills means the system will pay for itself. The no interest no payment for a year is like going to Vegas and hitting the jackpot.

Thrilled that we decided to go solar.

Grand Junction, CO

I had Quality Solar install my system about a month ago; I was the fourth person on my street. I highly recommend that if you are interested in reducing your electric bill as well as your carbon footprint, you contact them. I'm looking forward to my extremely reduced electric bills.

Grand Junction, CO

I was thoroughly impressed with Quality Solar's work. After day 1, I always felt comfortable leaving for the day knowing that I would come home happy/impressed/amazed. And coming from someone who never hires out work, does everything himself, and is never happy, that's the best compliment that I can give.

Clifton, CO